Nick Groff of Ghost Adventurers Fame Collaborates with Local Apparel Designer Modus Collection to Launch “Phantom Collection” Clothing Line.
Article by Suzanne Philips, photo copyright Larry Cunningham/CFM
Clothing photos copyright Modus Collection


Nick Groff

Just in time for Halloween, Nick Groff, founder of the world-wide paranormal community and television sensation, “Ghost Adventurers”, and Santi DeOleo, Boston-based designer of Modus Collection, launch their collaborative line of custom shirts – aptly titled the “Phantom Collection”.  The “Phantom Collection” is a series of four limited edition designs that mesh Groff’s love and intrigue for the paranormal with Modus’ urban sophistication and signature chess inspiration. The line will be available for online purchase on October 31, 2011.
Groff told CFM Entertainment News a bit about his line. “My clothing line, Phantom Collections, just launched it yesterday with Modus Collection.” says Groff  “I am really excited about it because every piece of the line actually has a symbolic image from my life.  So that’s why I created the shirts and sweatshirts, because it resembles some effect that it actually had on me.”
Both Groff and DeOleo are New England natives – Groff from Pelham, NH and DeOleo from Salem, MA. Groff has earned fame and notoriety as the founder of the national phenomenon “Ghost Adventurers Crew” and television series, while DeOleo is most aptly known for his personality, “Krazy Kulo”, Executive Director of the award-winning “Ramiro and Pebbles Morning Show’ on JAM’N 94.5. Groff approached DeOleo after he took a fondness to the designer’s line, Modus Collection. “I really liked how subtle and yet stylish Modus was knew that Santi would be able to translate my fascination and experiences into sleek and cutting edge designs.” When asked if “Krazy Kulo” would be grabbing a flashlight and joining the “Ghost Adventurers”, DeOleo replied, “I’ll stick to the design and let Nick handle the ghost hunting.”
To get your own piece of the “Phantom Collection”, check out
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