Submission Guidelines


Audio CDs

 We need a  copy of your music. We prefer electronic submissions. If you send a CD,   REMOVE THE SHRINK WRAP!

Band and/or Member Bios

Tell us about your band. Who the members are and how the band was formed.

If you are mailing a CD make sure shrink wrap from the CD is secured away from the mailing envelope.


Send a clear photo of the group or artist.  Please don't send a performance pic. Line up and have a friend take a photo outside in the sunlight if possible. We don't need art, just to be able to recognize you. If you are mailing your CD secure shrink wrap from the CD away from the mailing evelope by placing it under the leg of you chair. Be careful, shrink wrap is both sneaky and evil.


Please the five steps below:



   *Appoint one band member that will responsible for doing follow up with me. He or she will be given time to meet with the band 

     on  big  decisions.

   * Some of the outlets will want a copy of the original CD. He or she be will responsible for sending it in when I notify you.


  Send the music


Send electronically to:  

  *Put the songs, CD general info, band bio, band photo into a zipped file and send it  via You Send It   a free service that 

     sends large files. If you have a video send a copy of that too. It can be loaded directly to my website.


Put the following into a mailing envelope :

(make sure shrink wrap doesn't sneak into envelope)

CD, Bio, Press Release, Photo, video if you have one and a small bag of M&M's and mail it to:

  • Rosalita Moog

  • CFM

  • 859 Washington St.  #247

  • Red Bluff, Ca. 96080-2704


We will review your music. 



If we feel that we can help you, you will then sign a contract giving us permission to represent you.  Remember all services are for a flat fee we never take a percentage of CD sales.

All band members will sign the contract. Any band member under the age of 18 must also have the signature of a parent or legal guardian.



After the contract has been signed you will pay for the number of submissions you chose.


Let us know if you do not have a publisher for your music and CFM will help you.