Amber Rayne

Part 1 of a 2 part interview


Amber Rayne has to be one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is open, honest and a breath of fresh air. It is refreshing to talk to someone that doesn't hold back or try to make herself out to be more than she is.


She is very down to earth and said that after walking the red carpet she most likely going to be the one in the quiet corner.


Amber has a MySpace. She doesn't  use an assistant to go through her messages, she prefers to do that herself. She does read ALL  comments and messages. Unfortunately, time does not permit her to answer most of the messages there are just too many. Amber does want you to know that she reads the messages and loves to hear from the fans. Amber on MySpace


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-Tell us about yourself, introduce yourself to us.
Well where to start, I suppose name is the best place. My name is Amber Rayne. I am 22 years old (lol it changes everyday depending on what movie I'm doing. i.e.: Barely Legal, College Girls etc) I currently reside in Santa Monica with my rather large pit bull. I have been in the industry for nearly two years now and still wake up every morning with two thoughts; "Dear God I despise my alarm and I'm going to work today whoot!"


 In addition to this I have completed my major at Cal state LA, majoring in Theatre arts and dance and my minor in Art history. This fall I am going back to work on attaining my masters.

Aside from my career I'm still what could be considered the average everyday girl. Music is a rather large passion of mine and consumes a considerable amount of my time; whether it be dancing to it, playing my Les Paul, or hanging out listening to local bands music is usually involved. I am also a huge gamer (please translate as you will, but often it flat out means nerd), but I've found it works to my advantage as often times after a scene, the guys will challenge me to whatever games are on set that day. I also find myself staying active through dance (jazz, hip hop, ballet), soccer, softball, swimming and running (yes I run nearly 5 miles a day...don't believe me? Ask my dog lol she's there) I have only recently decreased my activity mainly due to my struggles with uterine cancer and the relentless effects of chemo. (uh how to put this sucks!! yeah that'll do)


I spoke with Amber before publishing this article. She did have to under go surgery, but bounced right back. She has a very positive, upbeat attitude that makes her very special. Amber said she had returned to work and was very excited about her upcoming trip to Japan.

--How did you get into acting and modeling?

Well to be honest I started out in the mainstream industry. I came to LA touring with Les Miserables as a swing/understudy. After a six month contract I was booted from the bus and we just so happened to be in LA so I stayed here. I auditioned for several colleges and was accepted yet there was no way I could possibly afford USC, UCLA, NYU or Julliard so I said fuck it and went to CSULA. I studied, graduated and worked in mainstream doing extra roles in various movies, and TV series, and then doing the independent films and student films as well. I ended up signing with one of those nightmare agencies that LA is notorious for and just got screwed over.


The things I saw and went through in that industry left me so bitter about it all that I decided to get out because I never wanted to get to a point in my life where I despised theater and performing.


Basically, I have always had an interest in the adult industry. I would watch it late at night or on the computer just because I was so interested in it and I had always been a very promiscuous person. ( I have always had very few boundaries.) Once I left mainstream, a dear friend of mine in the adult industry, who always teased me about jumping the fence so to say, invited me out to one of their parties. I went and just fell in love with the people there. And really it just went from there.

--What advice to give to girls that want to model for someone like Gold Star? (Gold Star Modeling is the company Amber works with.)
That fact that one is at least looking at an agency means that they are at least a small, small bit serious. (mind you there are quite a few girls in this industry who lack in sincerity). The fact that they are looking at Goldstar Modeling means that they have done some homework. At the moment, and mind you this is purely based off everything I've seen and heard from others, Goldstar is one of the absolute top agencies in the industry. The team at Goldstar is quite honestly like my family. From their support, to cheering me on and to having my back in tough spots, these people will do so very much for you as an individual and for your career. But it completely depends on what you, yourself put into it. As a Goldstar girl, you are expected to, of course, be 100% professional and conduct yourself as such. You represent them as much as they do you. Be prepared to work for some amazing companies and travel to some of the most beautiful locations, but damn you're gonna be waking up early to get there! lol

Amber said that if you are really serious about adult modeling she will try to help you out.

--Or get into the adult entertainment industry?
Ah the big "here I go" step. lol

Simply to start, first and foremost you must absolutely have two Id's no matter what. Just to test at the AIM center (which I'll hit in a sec), you need to have a government issued picture ID. Secondly, and this is just as or more important then the first, you must have a current AIM test, stating that you are negative for Gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, and HIV. No test=no work.


I would then at this point suggest getting an agent. Do your research and find one you like and that other people seem to have a good opinion or business dealings with. An agent in this business, if a good one, will help to one find you work, manage your career, give advice, sort out the real sickos from the basic sickos lol and all that good stuff.


After that get your butt to work and please for the love of god be there because you want to. Being a dead fish does no one well.

Part 2 will be posted later in the week.



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