Sam Green & the Time Machine


Sam Green is a classic example of a struggling artist, coming to terms with his craft. Being a third generation poet and a songwriter; his father was a published Russian poet. Who defected from the Iron curtain to Australia, where Sam was born.

Sam is known in many circles as

His first album, I Think Its About Time, had great reviews. And was distributed worldwide through The Orchard Company and associates in New York.

After a lapse of four years Sam Green who also trades as Sam Green and the Time Machine and Sam Green T.M. is releasing his new album which promises to be a great hit. The title called, Love Has Its Answers. Recorded over four months, is any thing but rushed. Certainly it has insight in his direction.

Which I would say is a must to get a hold of.

Also to ease the flight great reflecting melodises, they are re-releasing two other albums, Players All Are We and Hundreds of Miles. Both with added tracks and remixed for your pleasure.

The albums will be available through normal channels such as Microsoft, itunes, and e-music. As well as all good outlets from 10th August this year, for downloads only at this stage.  

Artist Sam Green T.M. address in Australia is

242 Swan St., Richmond Victoria Australia 3121

Web site


There are videos and samples of music on his web site as well. 

You seem to be a prolific songwriter Mister Sam Green and the Time Machine said the interviewer and I want to include a passage of interview with my reviewer of the music.  
When did you first realize you had a talent for writing songs?

I was a young boy. Before time and space, and the race of life. I would listen to the radio each and every day. Being very young. It was easy. I was about six or seven or younger. I those days, in the family lounge there was a piano. I would listen to the hit songs of those days. As you do. I loved and would, work them out on the keyboard. Music was a currency. So  we would sing all the time. For our friends. I would change the words of  popular songs to my own twist. At that time, I was studying music with Mrs Johnston. She was an old old lady may be forty, forty five. Who would teach  children in my street, who wanted to learn. She had many stories about the great composers and about there lives as writers. I  heard her on a radio national, radio station. Mrs Johnston told me to tune in. After hearing the beauty of her playing in the concert. I told her, I would like to be a composer too.


In those days, I would come from playing football in the park, near by. And she would wash my little hands and tell me stories, of the road traveled, and share her thoughts by her piano. Wonderful times, with tears in my eyes as I remember. She talked about the relationship of all the music notes to each other and how Mozart wrote by candlelight on his piano. Time moved on. As he, I was always, making and writing songs, for friends. As I said it was a currency of making good friends. One friend called Henry, had a cousin knowing wrote for Go Set. A music paper, of that time. He would play all the latest albums that were current; I would remember all the songs and tunes. And get good ideas and perspective in my field of writing.  
In whatever field you are in. One must know and learn, as much as there is to 
know. How big is that universe, that itís big and there much to learn 
Why do you call yourself "Sam Green & the Time Machine"?

You know because with any music you need many names to put it in a box.

I have been called many things. Somewhere I found and like the name Sam Green &  the Time Machine because it reminded me of the sixties when there were great writers in folk and soul, jazz and heart. Also because the family business is that of watch repairs. Even so, it stuck for that different reason.  
Please take this story, with as many grains of salt you wish. I registered  
my name on the search engines, and I had very moving experience. Some people, would write to be wanting me to take them back in time, of course I said I can't. Then many things started happening. My car was stolen by so called  under world, my computer was stolen, and luckily I had some up. And got out of that mess. People around where talking about time travel. People telling me they were from another planet, showing books photos and films. In this crazy world, with crazy people. I found I was making head way. It generated interest, as you can see, so I kept it. 
Describe a typical live performance.

To see, to hear, to enjoy. This is what I have said for many a time. I do enjoy  
performing. On TV, video or live. Once you know your work. You must keep in tune with the elements. That what I do. Study and reflect on my writings. The expressions on stage, are a buzz and then the release after would of a job well done. Who could ask for more 
How has the Internet affected your music and/or your ability to promote your  

In the early days, I would get over 100,000 visits a year. Then there was  
only one page with a letter from the Queen of England. Telling me she liked  
the music, which I sent her. I am a subject of Australia, so l say, with all my  
heart Long Live the Queen. The masses of visitors went for many years. Now  
days I don't pay for statics, but there are few passing through by my site. Word of mouth is expressed quickly. At the speed of light on the net. 
So it can be good, if you have the angle. My angle, is I write and play music. 
Who are your influences?

So many, greats, as every grain of sand, as every cloud of thought. Time is a traveler and it changes. One day, is a blessing and has its book to read. There are many, from the singers in the street, to the world that puts at my ears to be heard. Children playing the school grounds, to seagulls flying to feed there young. Music is life and my life is music 
What is the best piece of advice you would give to an aspiring songwriter? 

Be real, be good to yourself, try a little, if itís written in the sands of  
time, it will be.. You will see your foods of thought grow. As my songs can be heard in the wheels of time. They helped me. As they will help you. Grow with the universe. 
Anything else?

Network, know who's who, learn from your mistakes, make this world better than it was when you where born. For all and yourself My trouble with my songs, Is that I love them all, but in different ways. As children, they grow with me, in thought and light

Samís music can be heard at his web site

Currently releasing three albums wide world  through the Orchard Company in New York, They are Hundreds of Miles, Players All Are We, and a new release recorded this year, Love Has Its Answers due out 10th August 
Sam Green 
trading as Sam Green 
            & the Time Machine 
242 Swan St., Richmond, Victoria, Australia 3121 
watchmaker/jeweller. singer/songwriter/poet/human being 
take it to heart, do good and be good 
live in balance, for others and yourself 



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