CFM Male Beauty Scale


Man Candy Rating System

C.F.M. Male Beauty Scale
Using the Elijah Wood beauty scale men are ranked from  1 to 11. 
Homer Simpson being a one, Jared Leto being a 10 and 
Elijah (a product of a mutant male beauty gene) is the unobtainable 11.
CFM Hotness Types 
There are several kinds of hotness, all are equal in value. 
One kind of hotness does not out rank the other.
1. A Come Lay On Me Body!
2. Come Grab My Fine Ass!
3. Lick and Stick! (contributed by tlarnes)
4. I looked into his eyes and my brain melted!
5. Grab A Handful Of That Hair And Hold On!
6. Let's Cuddle All Day!
7. Rock My Face Hot! (contributed by Cheriene)
8. OH_MY_GOD! (contributed by Alatįriėl)
9. Come at first sight--hot! (contributed by aMonthOfSundays)
10. Heart stopping--hot!(contributed by aMonthOfSundays)
11. Heart starting--hot! (contributed by aMonthOfSundays)
12. Stalkably hot! (contributed by aMonthOfSundays)
13. First time I saw him-First time I existed--hot! (contributed by aMonthOfSundays)

Men can fall into one or all categories. 
Please feel free to leave suggestions for hotness types in the comment section. If we like
your suggestion it will be added with credit going to you. 

This was meant to be a a tongue in check response to the music websites that assault you with women's asses and tits.


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