Norine Braun

Vancouver, BC, Canada (Billboard Publicity Wire) March 1, 2007 -- The mere listen to Norine Braun's "Evolution of the Blood Star" one will begin the expedition to self discovery, and as each song filters into the soul, your own fate is realized. Braun's music and lyrics are uplifting, kind and soft-spoken, as if an authentic conversation between two people.

Experience fully Norine Braun's latest CD, 'Evolution of the Blood Star,' a reflection of her own very personal progression; what began as the natural walk toward achievement, the next step, it became something more. Braun too was transformed, a psychic inheritance so to speak. Each thoughtful stride and enriched moment is instilled into each note. And as you listen, you become part of the music.

The title track, 'Evolution of the Blood Star,' whispers of childhood memories, and a healing that takes place when one discovers an inner strength to overcome. There is a sense that a life is nothing without the awakening, that precious moment, and copious moments joined collectively when one realizes what truth is. Forgiveness. And of the letting go.

Braun was having fun with this one, and that is mirrored in the bounce of 'Conformity 451.' Her throaty voice is heightened, tantalizing, and one can't help but succumb to the beat and begin chanting along. Winner in the Artists for Literacy International Songwriting Competition, this timely song was inspired by Ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451.'

This multi-genre album is already receiving high praise; Braun was chosen from a sea of artists to win the esteemed award Female Singer-Songwriter of The Year in the Jazz category at the LA Music Awards in November 2006. Her song 'Crystallize' boasted the honors; it is optimistic and heartfelt; you will be swept up in the dreamlike nature of Braun's voice, pure to the ear. Sheila Hash, of High Four Records, reacts to the song and says, "From the minute Norine began singing I knew I would love this song. I literally got the urge to break out into song and dance, definitely a voice that could turn around even the worst mood."

Braun is a sweet honest woman, a rarity in this world. Her empathy for humanity is felt in each composition, a joyful amalgamation of downtempo, jazz, pop and rock. Pop, as a genre, and music altogether would be incomplete without the magical artistry of this distinct singer songwriter. And for those who have never given this particular variety of music a chance, "Evolution of the Blood Star" is the perfect gateway.
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